syntax highlighter wordpress plugin: WP-Syntax

WP-Syntax code writing format:

<pre lang=”html” line=”1″ escaped=”true” >
//Add code here……

lang=”html” means that the code language is html, please modify it according to your needs; line=”1″ means the display line number, if not needed, just remove it; escaped=”true” is to prevent code escaping, if not needed , Just remove it.

Note: Use WP-Syntax and other code highlighting plugins in the WordPress background. You need to add code in html mode. Don’t switch to visualization mode at will, otherwise the code will be easily escaped! !

Highlight languages supported by WP-Syntax plugin:

‘actionscript’ => array(‘as’),
‘ada’ => array(‘a’, ‘ada’, ‘adb’, ‘ads’),
‘apache’ => array(‘conf’),
‘asm’ => array(‘ash’, ‘asm’, ‘inc’),
‘asp’ => array(‘asp’),
‘bash’ => array(‘sh’),
‘bf’ => array(‘bf’),
‘c’ => array(‘c’, ‘h’),
‘c_mac’ => array(‘c’, ‘h’),
‘caddcl’ => array(),
‘cadlisp’ => array(),
‘cdfg’ => array(‘cdfg’),
‘cobol’ => array(‘cbl’),
‘cpp’ => array(‘cpp’, ‘hpp’, ‘C’, ‘H’, ‘CPP’, ‘HPP’),
‘csharp’ => array(‘cs’),
‘css’ => array(‘css’),
‘d’ => array(‘d’),
‘delphi’ => array(‘dpk’, ‘dpr’, ‘pp’, ‘pas’),
‘diff’ => array(‘diff’, ‘patch’),
‘dos’ => array(‘bat’, ‘cmd’),
‘gettext’ => array(‘po’, ‘pot’),
‘gml’ => array(‘gml’),
‘gnuplot’ => array(‘plt’),
‘groovy’ => array(‘groovy’),
‘haskell’ => array(‘hs’),
‘html4strict’ => array(‘html’, ‘htm’),
‘ini’ => array(‘ini’, ‘desktop’),
‘java’ => array(‘java’),
‘javascript’ => array(‘js’),
‘klonec’ => array(‘kl1’),
‘klonecpp’ => array(‘klx’),
‘latex’ => array(‘tex’),
‘lisp’ => array(‘lisp’),
‘lua’ => array(‘lua’),
‘matlab’ => array(‘m’),
‘mpasm’ => array(),
‘mysql’ => array(‘sql’),
‘nsis’ => array(),
‘objc’ => array(),
‘oobas’ => array(),
‘oracle8’ => array(),
‘oracle10’ => array(),
‘pascal’ => array(‘pas’),
‘perl’ => array(‘pl’, ‘pm’),
‘php’ => array(‘php’, ‘php5’, ‘phtml’, ‘phps’),
‘povray’ => array(‘pov’),
‘providex’ => array(‘pvc’, ‘pvx’),
‘prolog’ => array(‘pl’),
‘python’ => array(‘py’),
‘qbasic’ => array(‘bi’),
‘reg’ => array(‘reg’),
‘ruby’ => array(‘rb’),
‘sas’ => array(‘sas’),
‘scala’ => array(‘scala’),
‘scheme’ => array(‘scm’),
‘scilab’ => array(‘sci’),
‘smalltalk’ => array(‘st’),
‘smarty’ => array(),
‘tcl’ => array(‘tcl’),
‘vb’ => array(‘bas’),
‘vbnet’ => array(),
‘visualfoxpro’ => array(),
‘whitespace’ => array(‘ws’),
‘xml’ => array(‘xml’, ‘svg’),
‘z80’ => array(‘z80’, ‘asm’, ‘inc’)

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