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Plug in introductionThe front-end outputs the classification list in a user-defined orderPlug in download and Sinicization

In the process of developing a project, you need to sort the background classification and user-defined classification. At the same time, when you output the classification list in the foreground, it is displayed according to the user-defined sorting. Here we implement it with the help of the final custom taxonomy order plugin.

Plug in introduction

Custom taxonomy order supports the following functions:

Sort (customize) categories through a simple drag and drop interface. No custom encoding is required. It uses a standard WordPress filter. The custom function can sort the taxonomy itself.The front-end outputs the classification list in a user-defined order

When using something like get_ Terms or get_ No additional settings are required for default functions such as categories.

If some functions need to, you can add ‘orderby’ = >’term to the parameter_ For example:

$a = array(
    'hide_empty'   => false,
    'title_li'     => '',
    'orderby'      => 'term_order', // 注意添加这行参数
wp_list_categories( $a );

Plug in download and Sinicization

You can search the custom taxonomy order in the background plugin installation interface to install online, or visit the plugin address to download and install

The plugin has been translated into Chinese. Click to download the simplified Chinese package, unzip and upload the. Mo and. Po files to the WP content / Languages / plugins directory.

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