WordPress code highlight plugin: pure highlightjs (support code insertion under visualization)

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Pure highlightjs is a highlight plugin of WordPress code based on highlightjs. It supports highlighting in n languages and provides multiple themes. Support to insert code in visual editing mode of WordPress.

Pure highlightjs relies on the following open source projects:

highlight.js https://highlightjs.org

highlight.js Is a JS project for coloring various sample source code syntax on any web page

Installation instructions

1. & nbsp; Download

Click download https://github.com/icodechef/…/pure-highlightjs_ 1.0.zip

2. Installation

Enter the background management page of WordPress, “plug in” install plugin “upload plugin”, upload the downloaded zip file, and then install it.

Or unzip the installation package and upload it to the plugin directory, / WP content / plugins /.

3. Enable

After installation, enable “pure highlightjs” in the installed plugin.

How to use

You can directly click the “insert code” button in the visual editing interface, then select the code type and paste the code to insert



GitHub address: pure highlightjs

Code highlight effect: my home page

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