Custom taxonomy order

Article directory [hidden] Plug in introductionThe front-end outputs the classification list in a user-defined orderPlug in download and Sinicization In the process of developing a project, you need to sort the background classification and user-defined classification. At the same time, when you output the classification list in the foreground, it is displayed according to the […]

WordPress code highlight plugin: pure highlightjs (support code insertion under visualization)

Article directory [hidden] Installation instructionsHow to use Pure highlightjs is a highlight plugin of WordPress code based on highlightjs. It supports highlighting in n languages and provides multiple themes. Support to insert code in visual editing mode of WordPress. Pure highlightjs relies on the following open source projects: highlight.js highlight.js Is a JS project […]

syntax highlighter wordpress plugin: WP-Syntax

WP-Syntax code writing format: <pre lang=”html” line=”1″ escaped=”true” > //Add code here…… </pre> lang=”html” means that the code language is html, please modify it according to your needs; line=”1″ means the display line number, if not needed, just remove it; escaped=”true” is to prevent code escaping, if not needed , Just remove it. Note: Use […]