WordPress 5.7 introduces a function to check whether an article can be viewed publicly

WordPress 5.7 Two functions are introduced to check whether the article can be viewed publicly。 is_post_status_viewable() before, is_post_type_viewable() Function can be used to register article types by publicly_queryable Setting determines whether the article type is visible to anonymous users 。however,It’s not enough just to determine if you can view specific articles,Because this function only checks for general article type […]

WordPress Theme Development – add emoji to comments

staywordpressIt used to be very popular to add expression packs to the comments on the topic,And many websites also include this function。 The implementation is mainly to replace the official expression with its own expression pack,So the quantity is limited。 It’s not just reviews, of course,Background article editor can also add small expressions,There is an […]

WordPress automatically intercepts part of the content of the article as a summary

In the daily release of articles, not every article may have an article summary, so the summary function of WordPress can not meet our needs. This article shared by wptootutorial network introduces a WordPress technique of automatically intercepting part of the content of an article as an article summary, and can customize the number of […]

How to add user defined upload avatar function in WordPress

Friends who use WordPress to build a website should know that WordPress itself does not have the function of uploading a user-defined avatar. If you want to change the avatar, the steps are very troublesome. In our development of a WordPress theme, especially the multi-user theme, it is necessary for registered users to customize the […]

WordPress details optimization to automatically add ALT and title information to the article image

Friends who know a little bit about SEO optimization should understand that image ALT and image title optimization are very important SEO optimization When we use the WordPress program to make a website, if the number of pictures on the website is large, it is necessary to optimize the picture ALT and picture title. If […]

how to automatically add tag links to the article

Today, I’d like to share a WordPress SEO optimization tip, which can realize the automatic addition of keyword tags in the article. Inside the link of good outside, naturally needless to say, it can let Baidu spider in your website crawling more places. Of course, many WordPress plugins can also achieve this function, but today […]

WordPress tutorial: adding author filtering options to the background article list

When there are multiple users publishing articles in our site, in order to facilitate the administrator to view the article list of an author, we can add an author filtering option function in the background article list,. The way to add this function is also very simple. Add the code below to the topic functions.php […]