WordPress is not allowed to use the admin user name to log in to the account

Remember that when the previous version of WordPress program is installed by default, the user name will use admin by default, but now when the new version of the installation site, you can set a non admin user name. In view of security considerations, if you use the admin user name, some software will automatically scan the account. In view of this problem, we can use the following methods to solve this problem.

1. Re create a new account

We can create a new user name in the WP background and authorize the administrator role.

2. You can delete the admin user name

Of course, you need to transfer the published articles to the new account created.

3. Forbid the login of admin user with script

add_ filter( ‘wp_ authenticate’, ‘itbulu_ no_ admin_ user’ );
function itbulu_ no_ admin_ user($user){
if($user == ‘admin’){

add_ filter(‘sanitize_ user’, ‘itbulu_ sanitize_ user_ no_ admin’,10,3);
function itbulu_ sanitize_ user_ no_ admin($username, $raw_ username, $strict){
if($raw_ username == ‘admin’ || $username == ‘admin’){
return $username;

Drop the code to the Functions.php File.

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