WordPress using CSS3 to achieve page fade animation effects

utilizeCSS3Animation properties“@keyframes ”Can achieve some dynamic effects,Specific syntax and parameters can be learned online。这篇文章主要是实践应用一下这个Animation properties,Realize page fade in effect,On foxes24edition、chrome29edition、IE10Passed the test in the test。IE9The browser below does not support this effect。

Fade in code:

  • @keyframes fade-in {    
  •     40% {opacity: 0;}    
  • }    
  •     0% {opacity: 0;}    
  •     100% {opacity: 1;}    
  • #wrapper {      
  •     animation-duration: 1.5s;    
  • }  
  • Add the above code directly to the topicstyleIn the style file,And modify it #wrapper For your themeIDOr the name of the class。

    in addition,The display time can be extended for a certain part of the page,Like the sidebar,Add one more sentence:

  • #sidebar {      
  •     animation-duration: 4s;    
  • }  
  • In the same way,Different fade in time can be set for different parts of the page,Realize segmented display。

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