how to automatically add tag links to the article

Today, I’d like to share a WordPress SEO optimization tip, which can realize the automatic addition of keyword tags in the article.

Inside the link of good outside, naturally needless to say, it can let Baidu spider in your website crawling more places.

Of course, many WordPress plugins can also achieve this function, but today wpto tutorial network to share with you is not plugin to the article keyword tag automatically add the link method.

Then how to make the keyword tags of WordPress sites automatically add internal links? In fact, we only need to add the functions.php File to add a piece of code can be achieved.

//WordPress Article keywords automatic internal link

function tag_sort($a, $b){
	if ( $a->name == $b->name ) return 0;
	return ( strlen($a->name) > strlen($b->name) ) ? -1 : 1;
function tag_link($content){
	$match_num_from = 1;	
	$match_num_to = 1;	
	$posttags = get_the_tags();
	if ($posttags) {
		usort($posttags, "tag_sort");
		foreach($posttags as $tag) {
			$link = get_tag_link($tag->term_id);
			$keyword = $tag->name;
			$cleankeyword = stripslashes($keyword);
			$url = "".addcslashes($cleankeyword, '$')."";
			$limit = rand($match_num_from,$match_num_to);
			$content = preg_replace( '|(]+>)(.*)('.$ex_word.')(.*)

(]*>)|U’.$case, ‘$1$2$4$5’, $content);
$content = preg_replace( ‘|()|U’.$case, ‘$1$2$4$5′, $content);
$cleankeyword = preg_quote($cleankeyword,”’);
$regEx = ”(?!((<.*?)|(]*?)>)|([^>]*?))’s’ . $case;
$content = preg_replace($regEx,$url,$content,$limit);
$content = str_replace( ”, stripslashes($ex_word), $content);
return $content;

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