How does WordPress add nofollow attribute to the external link in the article

What is nofollow?

Nofollow is the attribute value of the a tag.

What is the role of nofollow?

The use of nofollow is to tell search engines not to track links on this page or this specific link, that is, they will not export weights to this link.

Nofollow is important for WordPress optimization. If there is an outside link address in the article, it is necessary to add nofollow to the link address.

Nofollow case

<a href="" rel="nofollow" >Theme King</a>

usage method

Add the following code to the topic functions.php Documents

//Add to the article external link nofollow attribute 
function web589_the_content_nofollow($content){
	preg_match_all('/href="(.*?)" rel="external nofollow" /',$content,$matches);
		foreach($matches[1] as $val){
			if( strpos($val,home_url())===false ) $content=str_replace("href="$val"", "href="$val" rel="nofollow" ",$content);
	return $content;

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