The development of WordPress topic – the comment list expands and expands to show sub comments

This article records a list of WordPress reviews you’ve been fooling around recently

The picture is small and fast. If you look at it carefully, you will find that the sub comment is controlled by clicking the View dialog button. At the same time, the View dialog and close dialog also change with the scaling.

Does it look interesting?

No more nonsense. I post the code and talk about the implementation process

The first thing to control is to view and close the dialogue. It only appears in parent comments with child comments. My idea is to judge $comment – >comment first_ Whether parent is 0 or not; at the same time, in the day before yesterday’s toss, there is a function to record the number of sub comments, which is controlled by child_ comment_ counter($comment->comment_ ID) is greater than 0. The code is as follows:

<?php if(child_comment_counter($comment->comment_ID)>0 && $comment->comment_parent == '0'){?>  
<div class="part js-comments">  
<i class="icon-message"></i><span class="js-comment">查看对话</span>  
<?php }?>  

Then to control the View dialog button, click to display sub comments for the first time, and modify the View dialog to close the dialog. Click the second time to close the sub comment and change the closed dialogue to view the dialogue:

$(".part .js-comment").click(function(){  

It should be noted that by default, ul.children Display: none.

Just the sauce. It seems that the theme of a tiger sniffing moustache imitates my effect. If you want to see it, you can go to his website to find a demonstration station.

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