6 easy to use WordPress lazy loading plugins

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What is delayed loadingEasy to use delay loading plugin for WordPress1. ajax load more2. a3 lazy load3. lazy loader4. lazy load by wp rocket5. lazy load for videos6. speed up – lazy loadsummary

The image is one of the key factors that increase the loading time on your website. Heavier images take longer to load, which destroys the user experience and improves the bounce rate. Delay loading is one of the methods to solve this problem.

Today, we’ll explain what delay loading is and recommend some useful delay loading plugins for WordPress.

What is delayed loading

Delayed loading is also known as lazy loading, that is, delayed loading of images in long web pages. Before the user scrolls to them, the image outside the viewport is not loaded. In contrast to image preloading, using delayed loading on long pages will make the page load faster. In some cases, it can also help reduce server load.

What are the benefits of delayed loading

First of all, it can improve the user’s experience. Just imagine that if all the pictures on the page are obtained and loaded when the page is opened, if the number of pictures is large, it is a disaster for the user, and there will be a “stuck” phenomenon, which will affect the user’s experience. Selectively request images, which can significantly reduce the pressure and traffic of the server, and also reduce the burden of the browser.Easy to use delay loading plugin for WordPress

Now that we know what delay loading is, let’s take a look at the best delay loading plugin for WordPress.

1. ajax load more

Ajax load more is one of the best delay loading plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can eliminate delays and promote unlimited scrolling. With its unique features, it is also known as one of the best WordPress delay loading plugins.

Ajax load more can be used to create custom WordPress short code query, including short code generator, query parameters, repeater template for editing and extending website functions, multiple instances and compatibility with multiple sites.

Learn more2. a3 lazy load

A3 lazy load is a very easy-to-use plugin designed to help you load pages faster and use the least resources from the back. The advantage of this delayed loading of the WordPress plugin is that the heavier the page content, the better the plugin can help you optimize it and ensure that your website does not lag or cause any stability problems to users.

Moreover, it’s optimized for mobile applications, which means it’s responsive, so, since almost all types of content are optimized for viewing on the phone, A3 is one of the best (if not the best) WordPress delay loading plugins ever.

The reason that makes the A3 lazy load WordPress plugin better is that it’s very easy to install and set up. Through the control of options, you can accurately select what you want. After that, the plugin will make it work miraculously.

Learn more3. lazy loader

Lazy loader is a delay loading plugin for WordPress, which supports image, iframe, audio and video elements. The plugin also allows users to manually change tags to delay loading background scripts, images, and styles. The article thumbnails and background images are also provided by lazy loader. You can allow all of these delayed loading elements from the settings.

The plugin is only available for PHP 7 or later, so make sure you update the WordPress version before you decide to download the plugin. Plug in settings allow you to add filters to be processed by the delayed loader to allow delayed loading of iframes, photos, videos, and background images.

With this plugin, you can also display the load spinner on the web page. You can also choose to delay loading specific articles and pages.

Learn more4. lazy load by wp rocket

WP rocket is a popular WordPress cache plugin, which can cache static data to improve the speed of your website. Keeping its optimization theme unchanged, WP rocket also has a WordPress delay loading plugin, which only displays images and frames when visitors view them. By increasing speed, this will reduce HTTP requests and reduce site load time.

The plugin is not only suitable for content images, but also for thumbnails, text widgets, avatars, smiley face icons and iframes. This is a very simple script, so it won’t do a lot of work on your WordPress.

The plugin has installed more than 100000 plugins in the official WordPress library, and has been rated as 5 stars with more than 80 stars.

Learn more5. lazy load for videos

Lazy load for videos is a powerful delay load plugin created by Kevin Weber for WordPress.

The plugin speeds up the website by replacing embedded youtube and Vimeo videos with clickable preview images (including video titles). The WordPress smart loading plugin only loads videos until visitors click preview.

You can also use the delayed loading function of videos, delete similar videos that appear at the end of youtube videos, choose between thumbnail sizes, choose from different play button types, and so on.

Learn more6. speed up – lazy load

Speed up is another delay loading plugin that is available free of charge from the WordPress repository. It’s easy to install and configure plugins. All you have to do is download the plugin from the WordPress repository and install it on the dashboard. The plugin weighs only 5KB, so your overall WordPress performance will not be affected.

The plugin does not download iframes and images that are not displayed on the visitor’s screen, such as the image at the bottom of the screen, which needs to be scrolled 2 or 3 times to reach.

Because it’s new, the WordPress delayed load plugin doesn’t have much to install, but it does.

Learn moresummary

Delayed loading of WordPress is a step to reduce the loading time of the website. This technology is powerful, many site owners use delayed loading to increase the speed of the site with a large number of images. The plugins described above can make it easy for you to add the delayed loading function to the website.

It should be noted that you should not use multiple delayed loading functions at the same time, because some themes come with this function, and some cache plugins also come with it. Therefore, you should not use it at the same time, otherwise it may backfire.

Finally, recommended reading: must see the WordPress website performance and speed optimization suggestions

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