6 excellent WordPress SEO plugins

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What is WordPress SEO plugin?Why WordPress SEO plugin?Three reasons to use WordPress SEO pluginWhat to look for in WordPress SEO plug inSix excellent WordPress SEO plugins1. yoast seo2. all in one seo pack3. rank math4. seopress5. the seo framework6. schema proConclusion: the best WordPress SEO plugin

Excellent WordPress SEO plugin can help you enhance SEO (search engine optimization) effect and ensure that your website is more friendly to all important search engines.

In this guide, we will introduce the six most popular WordPress SEO plugins.

What is WordPress SEO plugin?

Although WordPress is very suitable for SEO as a content management system, the WordPress SEO plugin provides you with other tools and settings to make your website content reach the highest standard of SEO and overall readability.

One of the easiest, most effective and fastest ways to improve the SEO of WordPress website is to use the WordPress SEO plugin. There are many useful SEO plugins on the market, which have a series of advanced functions and SEO best practices, but like anything related to the web, not all plugins are the same.

Why WordPress SEO plugin?

The purpose of using the WordPress SEO plugin is to ensure that you have the opportunity to rank higher than people who use WordPress and other more optimized platforms. In short, WordPress SEO plugin can provide SEO advantages for your website.

It is important to note that SEO searchers of search engines not only consider content and layout, but also consider search engine optimization. There is still a lot to improve on.

Most SEO related settings are either difficult to set or not visible in a basic WordPress installation. For these reasons, you will need a WordPress SEO plugin.

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Basic suggestions for SEO optimization of WordPress website introduction to SEO: what is SEO Marketing? What’s the difference between SEO and SEM and how it affects youThree reasons to use WordPress SEO plugin

Compared with other CMS platforms, WordPress has been highly optimized for SEO. With its unique content management system, stable niche market and customer base, your WordPress website is ready to rank higher on the search engine than other websites built on other platforms. But using the WordPress SEO plugin can help you further optimize SEO. Here are three reasons why you need the WordPress SEO plugin.

1. Generate more search engine traffic

Search is the main source of website traffic. It crawls all indexable websites on the Internet and ranks them according to their special secret algorithms. The SEO plugin will help you optimize the website of the search engine, and help you rank higher in the search results, so as to bring more traffic to the website.

Search engine algorithm is usually a strictly protected secret, but it has been here for some time, and many studies have confirmed that setting certain content and settings on your website will definitely help you get higher ranking. These plugins will help you make sure the boxes are checked.

2. Find out what you missed

Make sure you can always visit Google and Baidu online, “how can I make my website rank higher?” &However, if you don’t have a certain level of professional knowledge, you will definitely end up in chaos, or worse, by doing something you shouldn’t have done to destroy your website.

That’s where the WordPress SEO plugin comes from. You usually don’t have to fully understand SEO, and most settings don’t have to be applied to your site. Most of these plugins are to ensure that all your basic knowledge has been covered in SEO, guide you to complete the content and operation steps that need to be set, and then provide you with all other possible options and information.

Therefore, these plugins do not need to guess what and how to change, but provide you with a convenient way to solve these problems.

3. You don’t have to be an SEO expert

You don’t need to be an expert on WordPress and search engines to optimize your website for SEO. Fortunately, SEO plugins are useful for beginners and users without knowing the coding and SEO features.

The WordPress SEO plugin will enable you to optimize your website’s SEO and provide you with useful data about website ranking and how to further improve your website’s SEO.

What to look for in WordPress SEO plug in

When we talk about the SEO of WordPress website, beginners often look for quick and direct ways to make their website stand out on Google and Baidu. On the other hand, professionals and more expert developers are looking for more advanced settings that usually don’t exist in basic plugins and ready to use WordPress installations. For example, automatic formatting of meta information, custom field variables, breadcrumbs, focus keywords and many other contents. A good SEO plugin must be able to do it at the same time.

Ensure that all important content is covered while providing more detailed settings for advanced users. No matter where you are in this category, the plugin must be able to accommodate you, and it should be easy for everyone else who works with you to understand.

When choosing a SEO plugin, try to use the SEO method that best suits your needs. If you run woocomerce, learndash, or anything else with a custom article type, find a plugin that supports all the features.

You need a SEO plugin that allows you to easily change / set the following:

Main article / page keyword, used to tell your page / article, and uniquely identify your page. Social media excerpt and display (open metadata) displayed by social media platform whenever someone shares content / url of your website on their social media platform. &Nbsp; mobile and desktop search excerpts and previews. Search engines follow their sitemap when they visit your site. &Nbsp; redirection tool, which can help solve DNS / URL redirection between pages. Trackers and analysis tools.Six excellent WordPress SEO plugins

To help you choose the best WordPress SEO plugin, we tested several WordPress SEO plugins to highlight the functionality each plugin provides, from simple to complex.

We offer free and advanced plugin options, so you can also decide the level of investment. Each plugin contains information about features, advantages, disadvantages, price, and our final conclusion.

1. yoast seo

When we talk about the best SEO WordPress plugins, yoast SEO will always be at the top of the list. Yoast SEO is the most widely used WordPress SEO plugin, with more than 5 million active installations and more than 25000 5-star reviews.

Yoast SEO is a multi-functional WordPress SEO plugin, which does a good job in optimizing content for website visitors and search engines.

Advantages of yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins for page SEO. Having said that, the community, support and documentation behind it will be available whenever you need it. When it comes to the plugin itself, it’s one of the most functional. I believe it is the ultimate multi in one SEO plugin.

With functions such as focus keywords, setting meta description, linking your Google search console and other webmaster tools, setting cornerstone content, and the most famous content and SEO scoring system, it can provide you with all the information you need to optimize your content for SEO.

Disadvantages of yoast SEO

One of the biggest caveats about yoast is that it’s the ultimate all-in-one plugin, which can be overwhelming for beginners. Make sure you’re provided with a simple set of getting started guides and guides, but at some point you’ll have to check the other options available and fix them yourself. As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of guides and tutorials from yoast to other online forums and platforms, but it takes some time to familiarize yourself with the tools you use.

In addition, the free version has some limitations.

Yoast SEO pricing

Yoast is a free value-added plugin that provides you with many basic functions from the beginning. And these features alone are eye-catching and can help you stand out from your competitors.

The version of yoast premium is $89 per year, with free updates and support, including multiple keywords, for more optimized content, automatic internal link suggestions, redirection manager, etc.

Our comments on yoast SEO

Yoast SEO has become synonymous with WordPress SEO plugin. It’s just one of the best there is. In other SEO plugins, it is difficult to find the available option set, customization, and even the developer and user community behind the plugin.

In other words, it is not without shortcomings. With a lot of settings and information available from the beginning, you may find yourself in the middle of what to do next, or worse, setting up settings that don’t quite fit your site.

Yoast is great, it’s one of the best, but even if you make a “recommendation”, please test it before making any major changes.

Learn about yoast SEOView the paid version2. all in one seo pack

All in one SEO Pack is a multifunctional SEO plugin. It has more than 2 million active installations and 1055 five-star reviews.

For beginners and more advanced users, all in one SEO Pack is the perfect choice. It comes with settings and tools that allow you to extend controls as you gain more experience.

The plugin optimizes the title and automatically generates meta tags for all search engines. It also provides XML, image and RSS sitemap support for Google and Bing.

Advantages of all in one SEO Pack

For beginners, all in one SEO Pack is absolutely fun. It has the ability to easily edit page and meta titles and descriptions, as well as the ability to control the index (content that allows search engines to view), tags, and other advanced search options for advanced tools.

The setup is also very simple. The free version has all the basic functions you need from the beginning.

Disadvantages of all in one SEO Pack

Compared with the yoast in our previous list, all in one SEO Pack cannot specifically analyze your content and provide you with an estimated score and ranking. You also have to find a solution in some way, especially when importing data from Google search console.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that the free version of the plugin lacks support, and the free version has certain functional limitations.

Pricing of all in one SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack also provides a free version, but there are some limitations. You can buy a more advanced Pro version from its website: & nbsp

Personal – $79 per year – single site business – $139 per year – up to 10 site agents – $699 per year – unlimited sitesWe are interested in all I

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