Solve the problem of “another update in progress” when upgrading WordPress

The number of downloads and installations of WordPress 4.5 has exceeded 6 million, and the first maintenance version of WordPress 4.5.1 has been released, fixing 12 errors since WordPress 4.5.

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In the morning, I received an email indicating that the automatic upgrade of wordpress-4.5.1 failed, so I had to upgrade it manually. However, manual upgrade prompt:
Failed to upgrade wordpress-4.5.1

The first reaction is, through the object- cache.php The database is cached, so it cannot be upgraded. However, if the database cache is stopped, the manual upgrade still fails.

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This is because when upgrading WordPress, WordPress will be in the database WP_ Add core to options table_ updater.lock record. If you interrupt the upgrade of WordPress, the record will be left in the database. When the next upgrade, WordPress detects the existence of this record and returns “another update in progress.”. It can be solved by the following methods:

Method 1, through MySQL database management tools (such as phpMyAdmin), in WP_ Find the core in the options table_ updater.lock Record and delete this column of data.

Method 2: log in the database through the terminal, assuming that the prefix of the table is WP_ The database is WordPress

mysql -u root -p
use wordpress;
select * from wp_options where option_name='core_updater.lock';

mysql -u root -puse wordpress;select * from wp_ options where option_ name=’core_ updater.lock ‘;

delete from wp_options where option_name='core_updater.lock';

delete from wp_ options where option_ name=’core_ updater.lock ‘;

Refresh the update page, you can upgrade!

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