How to protect WordPress content with password

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Protect entire article / pageProtect a small part of the article / pageProtect articles under certain categoriesProtect the entire website

For popular content management systems like WordPress, security is crucial. Sometimes we don’t want everyone to see the content we publish, such as some photo album pictures, some personal privacy, some content that can only be viewed by some people, etc. there are many kinds of protection measures. Today, I’d like to share with you some methods of password protection

Protect entire article / pageProtect a small part of the article / pageProtect articles under certain categoriesProtect the entire websiteProtect entire article / page

To achieve this function, it’s very simple. WordPress has a built-in setting option. Under the publish module on the right side of the editor of our article or page, there is a “openness” option. Here, you can set password access:

Then, when someone visits this article at the front desk, they need to enter the password:

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WordPress removes / modifies “privacy” and “password protection” before the titleThe prompt content of WordPress after changing the password protection of the articleProtect a small part of the article / page

Many times, we may not need to protect the whole article, but some parts of the article. We can use the “password” plugin to implement it

The passster plugin allows users to use a password to protect a page or part of an article. You can include the content to be protected by a simple code. When users visit, they will see a form for entering a password. If the password is correct, the protected content will be displayed. Support setting multiple protection parts in an article, you can also set the effective time of cookie, support Ajax loading, and set it as captcha protection!

When you visit the foreground page, you can see the form of entering password or verification code (if you set verification code protection)

For more information and usage, please refer to the plugin homepage:

Protect articles under certain categories

Although WordPress itself can add password protection to a single article, if we need to add password protection to the whole or multiple categories of articles, it takes too much time to add passwords one by one. Try the access category password recommended by champing Meng before Plug in, you can add password protection to articles under one or more categories. You must enter the correct password to access articles under restricted categories (content and abstract).

Of course, the plugin can also limit users who subscribe to website content through the feed. In the feed, if it is a restricted classified article, it will be replaced with the set prompt content.

You can preview the background settings interface for more information:

The author has integrated this plugin. To learn more, please visit:

Protect the entire website

To protect all articles of the whole website, you can use the password protected plugin, which is a very simple way to quickly protect the WordPress website with a single password. This plugin only protects your WordPress content. It doesn’t protect the uploaded image or file, so if you enter the exact URL in the image file, it can still be accessed. When you visit the website, you will be asked to enter a password:

You can make some settings by setting options:

For more information, please visit the plugin home page:

Well, here’s the end of the introduction. If you have other ways to achieve similar protection functions, please let us know and share with you!

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