Modify the default WP content / uploads upload file path of WordPress website

Generally, the default upload path of WordPress is WP content / uploads, but some netizens think that the path is too deep and want to modify the default path or implement a custom file path. For example, some of our netizens want to set an images folder in the root directory of the website, and then upload all the pictures or other attachments to this directory. There is no way to achieve WordPress background, we need to modify the configuration code can be achieved.

if(get_ option(‘upload_ path’)==’wp-content/uploads’ || get_ option(‘upload_ path’)==null) {
update_ option(‘upload_ path’,WP_ CONTENT_ DIR.’/uploads’);

Here we can go in Functions.php Add a file, and then set the default path to be modified.

Then we can see that there is one more item in the setting media. We can customize the modification path here, or modify it to a local bound subdirectory address and an independent secondary domain name as the storage address of the image.

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