Solve the problem of “failed to load” in WordPress plugin:wpemoji “Questions

The day before yesterday, Mr. Jiang saw that “failed to load” appeared when he logged in to WordPress background editor to update the article plugin:wpemoji “Question tip. Then search related problems are not seen, but from the prompt, it should be an error when loading wpemoji, which may be caused by a file not being loaded. How to solve the problem?

First, disable the Emoji function

* Disable the emoji Edit By
function disable_ emojis() {
remove_ action( ‘wp_ head’, ‘print_ emoji_ detection_ script’, 7 );
remove_ action( ‘admin_ print_ scripts’, ‘print_ emoji_ detection_ script’ );
remove_ action( ‘wp_ print_ styles’, ‘print_ emoji_ styles’ );
remove_ action( ‘admin_ print_ styles’, ‘print_ emoji_ styles’ );
remove_ filter( ‘the_ content_ feed’, ‘wp_ staticize_ emoji’ );
remove_ filter( ‘comment_ text_ rss’, ‘wp_ staticize_ emoji’ );
remove_ filter( ‘wp_ mail’, ‘wp_ staticize_ emoji_ for_ email’ );
add_ filter( ‘tiny_ mce_ plugins’, ‘disable_ emojis_ tinymce’ );
add_ action( ‘init’, ‘disable_ emojis’ );
* Filter function used to remove the tinymce emoji plugin.
function disable_ emojis_ tinymce( $plugins ) {
if ( is_ array( $plugins ) ) {
return array_ diff( $plugins, array( ‘wpemoji’ ) );
} else {
return array();

This function is generally not available to users, so we prohibit it.

Second, localization

In some older browsers, WordPress will call the×72/ Emoji Emoji emoticons are rendered from the pictures in the directory. It will not load due to network problems. We can localize this directory and replace it with scripts.

/ / Emoji localization edit by
function smilies_ reset() {
global $wpsmiliestrans, $wp_ smiliessearch;
// don’t bother setting up smilies if they are disabled
if (!get_ option(‘use_ smilies’)) {
$wpsmiliestrans_ fixed = array(
‘:mrgreen:’ => “xf0x9fx98xa2”,
‘:smile:’ => “xf0x9fx98xa3”,
‘:roll:’ => “xf0x9fx98xa4”,
‘:sad:’ => “xf0x9fx98xa6”,
‘:arrow:’ => “xf0x9fx98x83”,
‘:-(‘ => “xf0x9fx98x82”,
‘:-)’ => “xf0x9fx98x81”,
‘:(‘ => “xf0x9fx98xa7”,
‘:)’ => “xf0x9fx98xa8”,
‘:?:’ => “xf0x9fx98x84”,
‘:!:’ => “xf0x9fx98x85”,
$wpsmiliestrans = array_ merge($wpsmiliestrans, $wpsmiliestrans_ fixed);
//Replacement of CDN pathway < br > was foundfunction static_ emoji_ url() {
return get_ bloginfo(‘template_ directory’).’/72×72/’;
//Let the content and comments of articles support Emoji and disable the messy scripts loaded by Emoji < br > andfunction reset_ emojis() {
remove_ action(‘wp_ head’, ‘print_ emoji_ detection_ script’, 7);
remove_ action(‘admin_ print_ scripts’, ‘print_ emoji_ detection_ script’);
remove_ action(‘wp_ print_ styles’, ‘print_ emoji_ styles’);
remove_ action(‘admin_ print_ styles’, ‘print_ emoji_ styles’);
add_ filter(‘the_ content’, ‘wp_ staticize_ emoji’);
add_ filter(‘comment_ text’, ‘wp_ staticize_ Emoji ‘, 50); / / after converting to an expression, the image is converted to a still image < br > imagesmilies_ reset();
add_ filter(’emoji_ url’, ‘static_ emoji_ url’);
add_ action(‘init’, ‘reset_ emojis’);
//Output expression < br > andfunction fa_ get_ wpsmiliestrans(){
global $wpsmiliestrans;
$wpsmilies = array_ unique($wpsmiliestrans);
foreach($wpsmilies as $alt => $src_ path){
$emoji = str_ replace(array(‘&#x’, ‘;’), ”, wp_ encode_ emoji($src_ path));
$output .= ‘<a class=”add-smily” data-smilies=”‘.$alt.'”><img class=”wp-smiley” src=”‘.get_ bloginfo(‘template_ directory’).’/72×72/’. $emoji .’png” /></a>’;
return $output;

We need to create the / 72×72 / directory under the theme directory, and then download the corresponding emoticon to this directory.

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