Quickly remove the “no opener nor eferrer” style of WordPress

If we are careful friends, we should see that the links added by our default WordPress program will have their own class style “noopener noreferrer”. What does this mean? In fact, we don’t need such a function. Although it comes with it by default, it’s better to remove it.

First, it is forbidden to add

/ / remove attributes < br > fromadd_ filter(‘tiny_ mce_ before_ init’,’tinymce_ allow_ unsafe_ link_ target’);
functiON tinymce_ allow_ unsafe_ link_ target( $mceInit ) {
$mceInit[‘allow_ unsafe_ link_ target’]=true;
return $mceInit;

That is added to the current topic Functions.php File.

Second, remove the existing attributes

If we have these attributes in previous articles, how can we batch remove them?

UPDATE wp_ posts SET post_ content = REPLACE( post_ content, ‘noopener noreferrer’, ” )

We’d better back up the database before executing the SQL command.

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