Set the method for WordPress website to specify that the classified content will not be displayed on the home page

Sometimes, for the needs of specific content, we hope that the content of a certain category will not be displayed on the first page of WordPress, but on the second page. It’s just that a certain site of we needs such a function, so this method should be sorted out and shared in the blog, so that direct replication can be used in the future.

First, revision index.php

<?php if ( have_ posts() ) : query_ posts($query_ string .’&cat=-20,-22′);
while ( have_ posts() ) : the_ post(); ?>

Directly on the front page of the current theme template index.php Modify the call out code in. For example, in the above code, 20 and 22 categories are not displayed.

Second functions.php Modification

This method is relatively good and is recommended.

/ / exclude some categories from the home page < br >function exclude_ category_ home( $query ) {
if ( $query->is_ home ) {
$query – & gt; set (‘cat ‘,’ – 20, – 22 ‘); / / category ID you want to exclude < br > 0}
return $query;

add_ filter( ‘pre_ get_ posts’, ‘exclude_ category_ home’ );

This method will not have any page vacancy problem directly, and will not appear in the latest content. Directly in the functions.php Add the above script and modify the corresponding category exclusion.

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