Incredible CSS navigation bar underline follow effect

How to use pure CSS to make the following effect? <ul> <li>不可思议的CSS</li> <li>导航栏</li> <li>光标小下划线跟随</li> <li>PURE CSS</li> <li>Nav Underline</li> </ul> The width of the navigation column is not fixedWhen moving from left to right, the underline moves from left to right. Similarly, when moving from the right side of the navigation to the left side, the […]

Two methods of using CSS style to intercept the length of the title do not need to use functions

For example, when we make the website template, or choose to download to a good default, maybe due to the details, the title of the article called by the sidebar or article list is too long. We need to intercept by means. In the article “function for automatically intercepting the number of characters in zblog […]

Method to solve the disorder of Chinese content in MySQL database submitted by PHP

Whether it is ASP or PHP programming language, or even other web languages, the basic application is nothing more than the requirements of database adding, reading, editing, deleting, and so on. No matter how complex the functional projects are, they are all carried out around these. In the input MySQL database when the Chinese data […]

Floating ad adaptive JS code arrangement at the bottom of mobile terminal

Yesterday, a netizen asked if it is possible to move the advertisement code at the bottom of the mobile terminal, and then fix the JS code of image style at the bottom. Here, the available methods are sorted out directly, which can be used after testing. I also record it here. If necessary, I can […]