JavaScript geographic information API

For a web development programmer, one of the most interesting aspects of development work is to obtain geographic location information. Just imagine, where are the users browsing your web pages? The programmer can adjust the language of the website and the specific product introduction according to the geographic location information of the user. Next, we […]

Usage of SVG

Notice that the extra part of the picture is cut off along the edge. Svg image processing is the same as PNG and jpg. Adobe Illustrator can directly save the file to SVG format. When saving, a dialog box will pop up to show the saving options. I don’t know much about the technical details […]

Making of CSS3 fillet

CSS3 fillet technology can beautify your page effect very well, and avoid the use of image assistance. On the one hand, it saves the time of making pictures, and on the other hand, it saves the delay and bandwidth caused by the browser loading pictures. Nowadays, this technology of making fillet with CSS has been […]