Gitee is unable to push the updated version. The error “updates were rejected” is prompted

There are some collaborative office development times,Or useGITVersion control is better,And some open source software can be downloaded and released inGITHUBperhapsGITEEIterations on easy versions,Otherwise, the latest version will be repackaged every time. But the former is not good at home,So Lao Jiang recently began to use GITEE.

It appears when the version is updated:

error: failed to push some refs to ‘***/****.git’
hint: Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind
hint: its remote counterpart. Integrate the remote changes (e.g.
hint: ‘git pull …’) before pushing again.
hint: See the ‘Note about fast-forwards’ in ‘git push –help’ for details.

There is such a problem,There should be no local modification and synchronous saving of the file,It’s directly in theGITEECaused by deleting and modifying files above,Result in unequal files.Let’s take an approach here,Make sure that there is no problem with the file directly,Push past updates directly.

git push -f origin master

We should use it carefully here,Make sure that what you want to update is corresponding.His false reminders were well intentioned,Because I did find that your files were not equal.

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