WordPress installation

WordPressSystem requirements for

  • database – MySQL 5.0& plus;

  • WebThe server

    • WAMP(Windows)

    • LAMP(Linux)

    • XAMPP(Multi-platform)

    • MAMP(Macintosh)

  • operating system – Cross platform

  • Browser support – IE(Internet Explorer 8& plus;),Firefox,Google Chrome,Safari,Opera

  • PHPcompatibility – PHP 5.2& plus;


When you open the link https://wordpress.org/download/ Time,You will get See a screen as the following snapshot –

WordPress Installation


  • WordPressneedMySQLdatabase。 So use users/密码创建一个新的空database(for example,User is“root”,The password is“root”,Otherwise, you can set it according to your own convenience)。

  • then,You can continue with the installation process,As follows。

installation wizard

takeWordPressIt’s easy to set up to your system。 The following steps describe how to set up local settings on the systemWordPress。

step(1) – 提取download的WordPressfolder,并take其上传到您的WebThe server或本地主机。

step(2) – Open a browser and navigate to yourWordPressFile path,thenYou will getWordPressThe first screen of the setup program,As shown in the following screen。 In our example,The path islocalhost / <Your_wordpress_folder>。

WordPress Installation

Choose yourWordPressThe language of,thensingle clickContinue

step(3) – 在此step中,You can continue the installation atWordPress之前查看database所需的信息。

WordPress Installation

clickLet's go!

step(4) – ad locum,You must enter the relevant informationMySQLdatabase的信息,As described in the following screen。

WordPress Installation

  • Database Name – Input inMySQLdatabase中为WordPress创建的database名称。

  • Username – inputMySQLdatabase的用户名。

  • Password – input您为MySQLdatabase设置的密码。

  • Database Host – Write host name,By default, it islocalhost。

  • Table Prefix – 用于在database表中添加前缀,这有助于在同一database上运行多个站点。 It takes the default value。

After filling in all the information,clickSubmitButton。

step(5) – WordPress检查database设置,And give the confirmation screen,As shown in the snapshot below。

WordPress Installation

clickRUN the install

step(6) – input管理信息。

WordPress Installation

It contains the following fields –

  • Site Title– input要在WordPressThe name of the site created in。

  • Username– Sign in atWordPressTime根据您的选择input用户名。

  • Password twice – input两次密码以保护您的网站。

  • Your E-mail– input您的电子邮件地址,To help recover the password or any updates。

  • Privacy – Allow search engines to index this site when this check box is selected。

After filling in all the information,single clickInstall WordPress Button。

step(7) – After successful installation,您take看到一个显示成功的屏幕,As shown in the following screen。

WordPress Installation

You can view theWordPressUser name and password details added to。

single click Log In Button。

step(8) – click登录后,You will get一个WordPressManagement panel,As shown in the following screen。

WordPress Installation

input您在安装过程中提到的用户名和密码,如step6As shown in,thensingle click Log In Button。

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