10 CSS Tools for web programmers

For web development, CSS is the most effective technology to beautify the page and set the page layout. However, the problem is that CSS is a markup language, and its grammatical structure is very loose and not rigorous. Web programmers often find a lot of redundant code or errors in their own or other people’s CSS files, or a lot of optimization. If you often use static programming languages (such as Java, C language), you will find that practical ide tools will bring great efficiency to programming. An integrated development environment such as eclipse, which can automatically analyze code problems in real time, is a typical example. So, does CSS programmer have such help tool?.

The following 10 tools are all online applications. You don’t need to install them on your computer. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can use them. Most of these tools are very simple to use, but there are also skills. If you have any experience in using them, please share it in the comments.

CSS problem checking tool: CSS lint

CSS lint is an open source tool for checking the quality of CSS files. It was originally written by Nicholas C. zakas and Nicole Sullivan, and the original version was released at the velocity conference in June 2011. The detection rules of CSS lint include error and warning. When the selector or attribute is written incorrectly, the brace is omitted, and the semicolon is written too much, the parsing error will be prompted, and the parsing error will be prompted first.

CSS Stats: a statistical tool for CSS code analysis

CSS stats is an online CSS code analysis tool. You can analyze the CSS code by inputting the CSS address of the website. CSS stats is a powerful tool for front-end web designers to analyze the CSS code of a website. It can count the rules, font size, width, height, color number and so on in the CSS code.

For web designers, it is a must to share the CSS code of a web page. The statistics of how many fonts, how many font sizes, how many colors, and how many background colors are used in the design of a web site can be analyzed only when there is a detailed statistics of the CSS code. CSS stats also provides CSS analysis data of popular websites, such as Google, Yahoo, twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

CSS shrinks: a tool for optimizing and compressing CSS code

CSS shrinks can obviously compress the volume of your CSS. There are a lot of redundant syntax and blank space in the CSS code written by many web programmers. This tool can optimize the syntax of CSS without affecting the correctness of your CSS, remove useless spaces and empty lines, significantly compress the submission of CSS, and greatly reduce the waste of bandwidth.

CSS code sorting tool: procssor

In addition to the basic function of optimizing CSS code, procssor also provides a large number of custom options. For example, let you set CSS rules, CSS properties, CSS syntax optimization options. It also provides incompatible alternatives to various browsers in the new CSS3 properties and rules.

Coderops CSS syntax reference

The reference content of coderops CSS is rich and comprehensive, and the interface is fresh and direct. You can use this tool to master the most important and comprehensive knowledge in CSS. Its CSS knowledge base is divided into several categories, including pseudo class, attribute, function, data type, concept, rule and so on.

CSS3 browser compatibility support query tool: can I use

“Can I use” here, you can find the compatibility of all new web features in different brands of browsers and different versions of different brands of browsers. When you know what browsers your users are using, this table will be very helpful for you to build your website. open caniuse.com The homepage of the website lists all the new web features such as HTML5 and CSS3. If you want to see the compatibility of a feature in different browsers, just click it. For example, take a look at the compatibility of @ font face web fonts in various browsers. Click the first item in the CSS area, and you will see a table listing all browser versions. Different colors are used to represent each browser’s support for @ font face web fonts. Those marked as red represent no support, and light green represent partial support. The browsers listed in the figure also include some mobile tablet browsers, such as Android system browser. So comprehensive, when designing the website, you can selectively use the advanced features of CSS and JavaScript according to the users of the website, so as to improve the user experience.

Check whether your code meets the CSS standard: W3C CSS validation service

This tool is used to check whether your CSS syntax is correct and whether it conforms to W3C CSS standard. We know that from the earliest ie, all kinds of browsers have realized some dialects of their own, which are not interlinked in all kinds of browsers. But when we develop web pages, we must consider the compatibility of all kinds of browsers to the greatest extent. The best way is to comply with the W3C CSS standard. W3C CSS validation service is used to check the problems in your CSS. It will remind you of the syntax, attributes and rules that are problematic.


codepad.org It’s a very interesting website. Its home page is very simple. On the left is the programming language that can be compiled and executed. On the right is the input box that allows you to enter the program. Below the input box is a “run code” check button and a “submit” submit button.

Its operation is also very simple, first select the program language you want to compile and run, then paste or input the original code of the program in the input box, and then click Submit, you can see the prompt of your program compilation error, or the result of execution.

Maybe, you will find it hard to chat, but I think it will be very useful at some times, especially when you can’t find a compiler and want to verify a piece of code. In particular, it is very difficult for us to have a computer that can run all languages. If there is one, it must be your own personal computer. When you do not use your own computer, you will be worried. Moreover, I think this service is very interesting, because in this way, you can even write programs in any language on your mobile phone.

At present, this website supports the following languages: C, C + +, D, Haskell, Lua, Ocaml, PHP, Perl, plain text, python, ruby, scheme, TCL.

CSS animation generation tool: gradient animator

This is a dynamic background generation tool using CSS gradient and CSS animation technology. The tool is very easy to use. With a few mouse clicks, a modern gradient dynamic background code is generated. It can make the CSS gradient background move smoothly. We can set the moving angle, moving speed and gradient angle. Supports all modern browsers and IE 10 +. It’s very suitable for open screen background.

Web color tool: CSS colors

This tool is used to facilitate web designers to find color, it provides a variety of color visual effects, for the English name of the color, RGB value, hexadecimal value, it is very convenient to use.

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