The usage of content and attr in CSS3

The emergence of CSS3 makes the function of style sheet more and more powerful, and in a sense, it makes it easier for us to develop it. Although there are many heavyweight new features in CSS3 – such as transitions, animations, And transformations, but one feature is not so eye-catching, but it is very useful. It is content and attr expressions. They can quietly use CSS to generate content under your page. Let’s see how attr and content work together to produce magical effects.

Basic content usage

The content attribute enables the programmer to fill in the content in the page elements using CSS

.myDiv:after { content: "我是一个使用*content*属性生产的静态文字";  }

Note that if you want the pseudo element: after to be absolutely positioned, you must set position: relative to your Div.

Content and attr are used together

If you don’t want to write content dead in CSS, you can use attr expression to dynamically get content from page elements

/* <div data-line="1"></div> */

div[data-line]:after { 
	content: attr(data-line); /* 属性名称上不要加引号! */

Attr attribute is usually used with custom attribute data – because other traditional attributes can store values, but they are not suitable for storing expressive text.

String connection operation in content

This kind of string connection is very similar to the conventional programming language

/* <div data-line="1"></div> */

div[data-line]:after { 
	content: "[line " attr(data-line) "]"; 

Do you still need to assemble strings in JavaScript? CSS3 can complete these, is not the feeling that CSS3 can partially replace JavaScript! Attr’s ability to dynamically generate page content is really exciting. You can actually use it with content to manipulate many other elements and properties of the page.

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