How to modify time zone, date and time in Ubuntu

Current system time

root@ubuntu :/# date -r
Results the time zone is – 0500, and the Chinese time zone should be + 8
0It’s East eight. We need to change the time zone

1. Run tzselect

root@ubuntu :/# tzselect

Here we choose Asia, China after confirmation, and finally Beijing

2. Copy the file to the / etc directory

root@ubuntu :/# cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai /etc/localtime
3. Check the time again, date – R, which has been modified to Beijing time

Change time
Revision time

Sudo date – s mm / DD / YY / / modified
dateSudo date – s HH: mm: SS / / modification time
After the modification time, modify the hardware CMOS time

Sudo hwlock &; systohc / / is very important. Without this step, the next time is still not allowed

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