How to use CSS to control the content display separately on PC or mobile terminal

Today, there is a netizen who hopes we can provide some help. This student’s website hopes to add an advertising code to the theme, so that it can be displayed on the mobile end, but not on the PC. It is said that it has taken two hours to find the code on the Internet, but it has not solved the problem. At the beginning, I also thought of using JS code to judge the user’s client and then display them separately. I felt that it was too troublesome. Why not use CSS to control it directly?

For example, if the display is lower than a certain size, we will judge whether it is the mobile terminal, and then let it be displayed. If it is larger than this size, we will judge whether it is the computer terminal. Anyway, he wants the mobile terminal to display it, so he doesn’t need to use complex JS code to judge.

First, display only on the mobile terminal

< div class = "onlywap" >ads displayed on mobile terminals < & div >

.onlywap{display: inline;}
@media (min-width: 950px){.onlywap{ display:none; }}

Second, display only on the computer

< div class = "onlymobile" >ads displayed on the computer end < & div >

.onlymobile{display: none;}
@media (min-width: 950px){.nonlymobile{ display:inline; } }

Anyway, this netizen test can be used.

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