proxy_pass、upstreamversusresolver upstream upstreamAn upstream service configuration item will be created,For handing overproxy_pass Forwardip.     upstream {         server;     } Only ifproxy_passsWhen calling,upstreamWill take effect: upstream {      server; } server {     listen 80;     server_name;     index index.php index.html index.htm default.php default.htm default.html;     root /www/wwwroot/;       location / {             proxy_pass;      } } When accessing the server1.cnTime,Read proxy_passProxy configuration,Getupstream ip,将请求Forward到 proxy_passReverse proxy byproxy_pass,Can proxy requests to designated services,E.g:  server {         listen       80;         server_name  localhost; […]

Enable the font rendering of the browser

Font rendering in the browser stayabout:configSearch incleartype,The following items were found gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.gamma gamma value 1000 reach 2200 gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.enhanced_contrast Font contrast(What I set up here is200,Set according to personal preference,没发现最大value是多少) gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.cleartype_level cleartypeGrade 0 reach 100 gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.pixel_structure 0 = flat, 1 = RGB, 2 = BGR Liquid crystalRGB,choice1 gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.rendering_mode 0 = default, 1 = aliased, 2 = […]

Gitee is unable to push the updated version. The error “updates were rejected” is prompted

There are some collaborative office development times,Or useGITVersion control is better,And some open source software can be downloaded and released inGITHUBperhapsGITEEIterations on easy versions,Otherwise, the latest version will be repackaged every time. But the former is not good at home,So Lao Jiang recently began to use GITEE. It appears when the version is updated: error: […]