WordPress gets the category link tag according to the category ID: get_ category_ link

WordPress template tag get_ category_ Link returns the fixed link of the corresponding category according to the category ID passed, which is also commonly used in WordPress theme development.

get_category_link( integer $category )

Function parameters


Integer type, default value: None

You must specify a category ID to return a link to the corresponding category

Examples of function usage

<?php get_category_link( 6 ); ?>

Extended reading

get_ category_ The link() function is located in: WP includes / category- template.php

  • the_ category()
  • the_ category_ rss()
  • single_ cat_ title()
  • category_ description()
  • wp_ dropdown_ categories()
  • wp_ list_ categories()
  • get_ category_ parents()
  • get_ the_ category()
  • in_ category()
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