WordPress load header template tag: get_ header

WordPress template tag get_ The header is used to load the header template header.php

get_header( string $name = null )

get_ The header tag is loaded by default header.php , but you can load a similar header by passing a parameter- name.php Template for:

<?php get_header('name'); ?>

The above example loads the header- name.php Template, if header- name.php If the file does not exist, it will be loaded header.php In this way, there is no header- name.php An alternative option is provided for the file.

We can use page judgment to load different header templates for different pages

if ( is_home() ) :
	get_header( 'home' );
elseif ( is_404() ) :
	get_header( '404' );
else :

The above example loads the header for the home page- home.php , load header-404.php for 404 pages, and load other pages header.php

We can also load different header templates for categories and tabs:

if ( is_category() ) :
	get_header( 'category' );
elseif ( is_tag() ) :
	get_header( 'tag' );
else :

The above example loads the header for the classification page- category.php To load the header for the tab- tag.php

If you master the usage of WordPress conditional tags, you can give full play to your imagination and customize the personalized theme.

Extended reading

get_ The header() function is located in: WP includes / general- template.php

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