Login users display different WordPress menus

If the login user and the non login browser display different menus, the following code can be used: the login user displays different WordPress menus add the following code to the current topic function template functions.php Medium: if( is_user_logged_in() ) { $args[‘menu’] = ‘logged-in’; } else { $args[‘menu’] = ‘logged-out’; } return $args; } add_filter( […]

Solve “to perform the requested operation, WordPress needs access to your web server”

For example, when we create a WordPress site in the VPS host, we need to install themes, plugins, etc. online, but when we click download and install, we will have “to perform the requested operation, WordPress needs to access your web server.”. Please enter your FTP login credentials to continue. If you forget your login […]

Two ways to quickly retrieve the password of WordPress administrator account

Perhaps due to our negligence, the password of WordPress administrator’s account will be lost and unable to enter. There are still more users who encounter such problems. For example, our website password likes to use the brain memory that we think is very smart, but as we don’t log in for a long time, we […]

Modify the default WP content / uploads upload file path of WordPress website

Generally, the default upload path of WordPress is WP content / uploads, but some netizens think that the path is too deep and want to modify the default path or implement a custom file path. For example, some of our netizens want to set an images folder in the root directory of the website, and […]

Using my private site plug-in to realize the encrypted access function of WordPress

Generally, we choose WordPress to build a website, and the content is public. Even if some content is commercially accessed through encryption, it can be solved. However, some website projects may only be accessible by some internal users. We may use local area network to build shared documents, but sometimes we need to use external […]

WordPress upload images appear “please reduce it to 2500 pixels and upload again” problem

It may be that since WordPress 5.3, WordPress program has built-in function to adjust and cut pictures, which leads to some error prompts or incompatibility when we upload pictures. For example, some netizens mentioned that “image post-processing failed” when uploading pictures. If this is a photo or a larger image, please reduce it to 2500 […]

Solve the problem of “failed to load” in WordPress plugin:wpemoji “Questions

The day before yesterday, Mr. Jiang saw that “failed to load” appeared when he logged in to WordPress background editor to update the article plugin:wpemoji “Question tip. Then search related problems are not seen, but from the prompt, it should be an error when loading wpemoji, which may be caused by a file not being […]

WordPress adds custom article type / classification function and custom sorting

When we choose WordPress program, we consider that there are many functions that can be extended. The themes and plugins we can choose can basically achieve the required functions. For example, when we use WordPress program to build enterprise website, we may need to customize the article type and classification function. Here, we sorted out […]