WordPress automatically intercepts part of the content of the article as a summary

In the daily release of articles, not every article may have an article summary, so the summary function of WordPress can not meet our needs. This article shared by wptootutorial network introduces a WordPress technique of automatically intercepting part of the content of an article as an article summary, and can customize the number of […]

Implementation of tag inner chain association effect of WordPress program without plug-in

Nowadays, whether it is a large website or a personal blog, what matters is not the weight of the website determined by the number of external links, but the content quality of the website itself and the construction of internal links, so that users / search engines can easily find the relevant content we need. […]

How to delete the version number tail of WordPress scripts and CSS style sheets

As an excellent website building program, WordPress is undoubtedly the largest user group in the world in terms of user volume. Because of the powerful function, we need to consider the application compatibility to various functional requirements in the process of program design, so when we use the default WP program, it will be very […]

Solve the problem of “upload error, please try again later” in WordPress image upload

One of the reasons why I like to use WordPress is that I have encountered problems. Basically, I can find a solution for the document. For example, when I upload the picture in the background today, there is an error prompt “upload error, please try again later”. At first, I thought that the permission is […]

WordPress removes the comment box URL form and limits existing comment nickname links

The purpose of most netizens in the blog comments is to leave their own website links, promote their own website and get a little weight. Although in recent two years, with the change of search engine algorithm to reduce the weight of comments, there are still many users who are busy with these things. Of […]

Disable rest API function of WordPress program and remove WP JSON link

There is no doubt that WordPress is currently a relatively easy-to-use PHP program, which can be used in personal blogs, enterprise websites and small business websites. Moreover, the official updates of WordPress and the rich themes of third-party plugins make this program more and more diverse. However, with the continuous upgrading of functions, it will […]