Solve the problem of “failed to load” in WordPress plugin:wpemoji “Questions

The day before yesterday, Mr. Jiang saw that “failed to load” appeared when he logged in to WordPress background editor to update the article plugin:wpemoji “Question tip. Then search related problems are not seen, but from the prompt, it should be an error when loading wpemoji, which may be caused by a file not being […]

WordPress adds custom article type / classification function and custom sorting

When we choose WordPress program, we consider that there are many functions that can be extended. The themes and plugins we can choose can basically achieve the required functions. For example, when we use WordPress program to build enterprise website, we may need to customize the article type and classification function. Here, we sorted out […]

WordPress article page to increase the number of words reading time statistical effect

Do we see some friends’ WordPress article pages with statistics of the number of words in the current article and the estimated reading time. Although this function does not have much use, it can still improve some functional experience. How to add this function? Here, we also sorted out this method and added it when […]

Solve the problem of “cannot modify header information” in WordPress

Today, when debugging the WordPress theme, we had an error prompt “warning: cannot modify header information – headers already sent by” on the page. It seems that there are some problems with the compatibility of plugins or themes, so he went through the relevant problems to find out what the problem is. There is no […]

Implementation of forbidding WordPress background editing theme and plug-in permissions

Here, we helped a netizen solve a small problem the day before yesterday. His WordPress website is managed by many people, but sometimes someone may operate disorderly, even modify his theme and plugin to edit the source code, which may lead to the risk of inaccessibility or error. Here I ask if there is any […]

Implementation of tag inner chain association effect of WordPress program without plug-in

Nowadays, whether it is a large website or a personal blog, what matters is not the weight of the website determined by the number of external links, but the content quality of the website itself and the construction of internal links, so that users / search engines can easily find the relevant content we need. […]

Set the method for WordPress website to specify that the classified content will not be displayed on the home page

Sometimes, for the needs of specific content, we hope that the content of a certain category will not be displayed on the first page of WordPress, but on the second page. It’s just that a certain site of we needs such a function, so this method should be sorted out and shared in the blog, […]